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VAW 116 group photo
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VAW-116 Sun Kings

Our mission: When directed, launch fully mission capable E-2C Hawkeyes on-time with tactically proficient crews to execute any assigned mission within our designated area of responsibility.

Our vision: We safely meet our mission while fostering a positive, professional working environment where all rates and ranks are proud and motivated to contribute to the mission and the Sun King Family.

Our ethos: LEAD THE WAY. Make no mistake, we are an integral part of the fighting force that guards our country and our way of life; failure is not an option. We take the initiative to go beyond what is required of us to ensure that success is always a certainty and never a question. As history has proven, the care of freedom is not long entrusted to the weak or the timid.

Our guiding principles:

If we talk the talk, we better walk the walk. The greatest leadership tool that we have is our own personal example. Telling people what we want them to do is simply not enough; we need to show them through our actions, our work ethic, our professionalism and our attitude. When those principles that we demonstrate are not upheld, we have the courage to hold each other accountable in a respectful manner. If we are corrected, we acknowledge the discrepancy and fix it immediately. This applies to everyone. ACCOUNTABILITY HAS NO RANK.

If there is doubt, there is no doubt. Ours is a profession of precision. Even the smallest of errors can produce catastrophic consequences that can result in the loss of life, failure of our mission, or both. That is why we strive to eliminate doubt by aggressively seeking qualifications and professional excellence, executing procedures “By the Book” and following all regulations and established procedures. And if there is ever doubt remaining, ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS.

Don’t win the battle to lose the war. We cannot think only in the short term. If we succeed in launching every sortie, but fail to ensure that our Sailors of every rank and rate are properly trained, cared for and vested in our core values, we have failed. It is our obligation to ensure that the watch is manned long after we depart. PEOPLE ARE OUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET.

10% of life is what happens and the other 90% is how we react to it. We will all face adversity at some point, and when we do, there is a choice we have to consciously make; either we get bitter or we get better. It’s that simple. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.

One Sailor really can change the world. As Sun Kings, we serve as ambassadors for our Squadron, our Navy and our Country. We stand as a reflection of all the generations of Sailors who came before us, and an example for all the generations of Sailors who will come after. Never forget that the actions we take, whether at home or abroad, can have strategic implications that could influence the course of history – for good or for bad. WHAT WE DO MATTERS.

VAW-116 CO
Commanding Officer
CDR Guillermo Carrillo
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VAW-116 XO
Executive Officer
CDR Lawrence Nance
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Command Master Chief
CMDCM Leonard Anderson
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13th St. Hangar #553 ; Pt Mugu, Ca. 93042

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Last Updated: September 14, 2018

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