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Stay Navy!  It's the wise choice.

Today's Navy is the most accommodating it has been in a very long time.  This is the time to stay and take advantage of all the new opportunities.  The benefits to staying Navy until Fleet Reserve eligibility are too numerous to mention in their entirety but when you consider increases to SRB and now Location SRB, 100%  Tuition Assistance and MGIB, TSP and world-wide assignment with lifelong retainer pay after only 20 years of service to your country you have to feel like pinching yourself.  In light of the recent market volatility and employment uncertainty in the civilian sector, the job security is welcome peace of mind for your future and your family's future.

Contact Information

Telephone: (805) 989-9061
DSN: 351-9308
FAX: (805) 989-0562

Postal address :
Hangar 553
Hawkeye Country Road
Point Mugu, CA 93042

Unit 25417
FPO, AP 96601-6400



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