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Wingspan 80' 7 "
Length 57' 9 "
Height 18' 4"
Wing Area 700 sq. ft.
Weight: Empty 40,484 lbs.
Max Fuel (internal)  12,400 lbs.
Max Take-off Gross Weight 54,426 lbs.
Cruise Speed  260 kts.
Service Ceiling 37,000'
Ferry Range 1,540 nm.
Takeoff run 1,850'
Propulsion: 2 Allison T56-A-427 turboprop engines 5,100 ESHP each
Crew 5 Total, 2 Pilots and 3 Naval Flight Officers


E2-C image


The E-2C ‘Hawkeye’ is the Navy’s all weather Airborne Early Warning and Command and Control aircraft. As a carrier deployed aircraft, the ‘Hawkeye’ is capable of expanding the eyes of the Carrier Strike Group hundreds of miles greatly expanding the Navy’s ability to influence land, sea, and air battles. The E-2C crew regularly controls maritime and land strikes, strike group air defense, and many other missions including battlefield management and search and rescue operations.


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