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Always Ready to Lead the Way

In my time serving you as your Commanding Officer, we will complete work-ups and deploy into harm’s way.  To position our squadron for success and defend freedom abroad, I expect all Sun Kings to read this document carefully, understand it, and personally commit to incorporating these ideals into your daily actions.

Our Mission

VAW-116 will launch tactically proficient aircrew and mission capable aircraft on time to manage any battle space, and to facilitate putting fused weapons on target first pass for CVW-17, CSG-11, and any global theater commander.

Our Vision

VAW-116 will safely produce Ready Sailors, Ready Aircrew, and Ready Aircraft in a respectful and professional working environment where each and every member is valued and motivated to contribute to the mission and the Sun King Family.

Core Pillars

Ready Sailors.  Our greatest resource is the Sailor who volunteered and swore an oath to serve.  We live by the Sailor’s Creed, embody the Navy’s Core Values and Navy Ethos, and always treat each other with dignity and respect.  We hold our Sailors to the highest possible standards while taking the best possible care of them.  We take care of the family we were born into, the family we were sworn into, and we take care of ourselves.  We are an inclusive squadron that has fun, keeps our Sailors informed, and gets them qualified. Sun Kings take care of Sun Kings!

Ready Aircrew.  As E-2C Hawkeye pilots and NFOs, we operate our combat systems airborne from the sea to detect, decide, and communicate.  We execute and fly in accordance with NATOPS, to include its reminder that “no manual is a substitute for sound judgment.”  When we key the mic, our air wing and strike group brothers and sisters are assured and confident because they know KING has their back.  We are the linchpin of the strike group and will maximize every training opportunity to prepare to fight and win!

Ready Aircraft.  We are “By the Book” maintenance professionals. Integrity is at our core.  We own our mistakes in a culture that allows honest mistakes so long as we learn from them.  We know all good things come from up aircraft, so we prioritize safety and Operational Risk Management.  We manage and oversee well-maintained maintenance programs that ultimately keep our aircraft flying and in the fight. 

 Ready Sailors, Ready Aircrew, and Ready Aircraft - Safely!

VAW-116 CO
Commanding Officer
CDR Lawrence Nance
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VAW-116 XO
Executive Officer
CDR Phillip Sheridan
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Command Master Chief
CMDCM Leonard Anderson
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13th St. Hangar #553 ; Pt Mugu, Ca. 93042

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